Monday, April 4, 2011

Transfer might be a long one 4/4/2011

Zachary was looking for "salad" in the grocery store and this is what he found. Just rip the leaves off and it tastes fine!

Halinchina yogurt--a popular brand of drinkable yogurt. This one is green apple cinnamon. Zach's favorite flavors are: apricot, wheat, and raspberry.

A raspberry pastry...Yum!

Ice cream pie...tasty!

It's starting to cool down in Ukraine.  It was pretty warm and nice this past week, but today it's pretty cool and it'll probably rain a lot this week. Ukraine really has downpours of rain during April, and spring in general. (Especially in western Ukraine.)  I'm not sure about the Kyiv area, but, I think it still rains a lot from what I've heard.

So, Transfers? I'm still here in Bila Tserkva and so is Elder Carnes. We are going another transfer together. Elder Polivka left and went to Chernihiv and Elder Muir came here and Sister Elelyan left and went to Odessa and Sister Young came here. So our district is Elder Carnes and myself as the Ukrainian Elders, Elder Hirt and Elder Muir as the Russian Elders, and Sister Movsisyan and Sister Young as the Sisters. Elder Muir is pretty cool. He is in his ninth transfer and is from Nevada. Sister Young is only a transfer above me. I saw her in the MTC. She is from Canada. So, it's a pretty interesting district.

So, Elder Carnes was confident that he was leaving Bila Tserkva. We made a transfer board. It's a little guessing game that a lot of missionaries do. They make a little "board" and write down who they think is being transferred and to where. So, Elder Carnes was pretty crushed when we got transfer info. The next couple of days were pretty rough. Elder Carnes was not in a good mood, which kinda made missionary work pretty hard this week. We missed out on going to transfer meeting, which is always a bummer. It's fun to go there and see for yourself who is going where. But we were stuck in Bila Tserkva. So, this transfer might be a long one.

But the week ended on a good note. Elder Carnes felt better and cheered up. After tracting forever, we found this really nice lady named Polina. She saw a Book of Mormon in our hands and basically yonked it out of our hands and asked us about it. After we explained about the book and asked to share a quick message about it, she gladly let us in. Americans gave her a Bible a few years ago and she said she has been waiting for more guidance from God ever since. She said she would read the Book of Mormon for sure and invited us back. Then we had a service day the next day(Saturday). It was a service day all around Ukraine for the saints here. We spent the day with both branches of Bila Tserkva cleaning a park and picking up trash. We then participated in a little festival that was going on in the park. We played volleyball, soccer and other games. We then had to let the Mayberrys(senior couple) crash the night at our apartment. They made us a really nice meal in return and bought us a bunch of food and they let us watch a session of General conference live. We watched the Saturday morning session with them. Then we were forced to the other Elders' apartment.  Sunday was also a good day because our youth, Sasha, who we have been trying to get to the temple (the only thing that has been holding him back is that he isn't fulfilling his callings in the priesthood) came to church in a white shirt and tie! This was the first time I had ever seen him come in a white shirt and tie. We were way excited about that.

As for Conference, I guess I'll watch it on the computer during P-days when I have the time. It was fun to see Saturday morning session. So, that does it for our week. We actually just got off the phone with President right before I started writing this. He said he was really pleased and excited about the progress we have been having in Bila.  He just wanted to thank us and tell us to keep the momentum going.

Oh, and Mothers day is in about a month. I might be able to skype you again, but I'm not ssure. It could be just a phone call. I'll let you know.
Love you,
Elder Zach McEntire

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