Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to Square One 4/18/2011

Ping Pong game at church party in Bila Tserkva
Statue near the university in Bila Tserkva

Statue near the big white church in Bila Tserkva

Church  in Bila Tserkva

Another church in Bila Tserkva

Bila Tserkva

It's been warming up here. It has been raining this past week, but not too bad. It's really nice today. The sun is out and it's pretty warm. We are planning on going to Kyiv today for P-day. We are going to get lunch at McDonalds because we haven't had it in a loooong time and then we are going to meet up with some other missionaries to explore some more of Kyiv. So it should be a good P-day.

The rules here aren't that strict for music. As long as it's spiritual and mellow and focuses on the Savior we can basically listen to it. We usually listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir most of the time and EFY cds but we also branch out to other stuff. Have ever heard of a man named Alex Boye? He sings in the Tabernacle Choir but also does his own stuff. We listen to that and also to some Josh Groban, instrumental hymns like hymns on guitar(those are usually my favorite), and then a couple other acoustic artists like Jon Foreman and others. We don't listen to it a lot because we are usually out of our apartment most of the day.

Well, this week has been pretty rough. I knew Bila Tserkva would be hard, but I didn't know it would be this hard. We got dogged by everyone who we tried to set up a lesson with, except a few members. We finally met with an investigator this week, one of Sasha's friends, Ponzer, and we tried to give him a baptismal date. I was praying hard for this one and was so psyched cause I really thought it would happen and make up for the terrible week. But he shut us down hardcore. He just wasn't interested. Then we watched Conference with the branches this weekend. They showed Conference, but we went into the computer room in the church and watched it in English as a district, while the branches watched it in Ukrainian. On Sunday, they had all the little kids put in one room and no one was watching over them, so they were out of control, running up and down the halls , yelling and going crazy. We had to do some damage control because the parents were wathcing Conference and not doing anything. It was crazy. Then the some of the members were leaving early, saying that they were tired and didn't want to stay. Maybe they decided they needed to go put their kids down for a nap.

So, that's basically the week. We still have a baptismal date for the 30th, Vadim. But it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. We'll probably have to push it back a week or two... or three. We've had to drop a lot of investigators, so we are basically down to like two investigators that hardly meet with us. Kinda like back to square one. We haven't gotten an investigator yet this transfer. Maybe it will happen this week.

I hope this week goes well and you all are safe. Easter here is a pretty big deal. Everyone is gonna be partying here in Ukraine.
Love you!
Elder McEntire

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