Monday, March 28, 2011

Transfer Week Again 3/28/2011

Zach loves apartment inspections!

What's for dinner?

Dream Town Mall

Models of the world found in Dream Town Mall

So, I was basically in Kyiv this whole week with the Zone Leaders. I took a whole bunch of pictures while I was there, so you'll be getting a lot of them this week. It was good. I was basically on two exchanges. One with Elder Polivka on P-day. We went into Kyiv and met up with some other missionaries and went to what is called "Dreamtown". It is this giant mall in Center Kyiv. We explored it, got some lunch at this grill pasta place and then got some ice cream.  And we went and checked out this other mall called "Sky Mall". It was pretty cool, but not as cool as Dreamtown, I think. We stayed the night with the Zone Leaders, Elder Morrison and Elder Cluff. Then Elder Morrison and Elder Polivka went back to Bila on Tuesday morning and I was with Elder Cluff all day Tuesday. It was cool. I got to sit in on their District Meeting, explore more of Kyiv, and we ended up finding this one kid who had a million questions about deep doctrine and other stuff that didn't really matter. We told him that we wanted to teach him the root of all this and get to the basics. He agreed and wanted to meet again. We then went and met with one of the ward missionaries, Lena. She was way cool. She made us tea and sandwiches and basically gave us a million referrals. We talked about all of her friends and her neighbors that she could introduce us to. I then gave the spiritual thought. I really liked meeting with the members of their ward. I think it it would be cool to be a zone leader, just so I could get to know these people better and work in that ward. But I really like the small branches I have worked in so far. I was with Elder Cluff for most of Wednesday too.  Then Elder Morrison and Elder Carnes came back  in the afternoon and we had lunch in center Kyiv. We didn't get back to Bila till Wednesday night.  Thursday was spent buying groceries and cleaning up the apartment, cause I had no food for the rest of the week and apartment inspections were this week. The inspections were alright. They were done by our district leader, Elder Hirt. He is more than a neat freak... He marked "needs work" on basically everything. I thought our apartment was a lot better after that cleaning session we had on Thursday.  This week wasn't the best missionary work wise, but I sure had fun this week. It was cool getting to see Kyiv and hanging out with the zone leaders. But since we weren't really in our areas much this week, it hurt our work a little. We'll just have to step it up  next week.

Speaking of this week, it's transfer week! For sure, Sister Movsisyan, Elder Hirt, and myself are staying. I'm pretty confident Sister Elelyan will be transferred because she has been here for four transfers(six months) and that is way too long to be stuck in one area. I'm pretty sure Elder Polivka will be transferred, too. He only has one transfer left and I don't think he will end his mission here in Bila Tserkva. I think Elder Carnes and I will stay together for another transfer. But Elder Carnes could be transferred. He wants to be transferred. He is done with Bila Tserkva and there are a lot of areas opening up this next transfer that he wants to go to. He could leave, but I don't think so. But we'll see. President likes surprises and he likes to surprise us. So we'll see what happens. I'll let you know next week what's new and what happened.

Oh, interesting side note... So a couple weeks ago all the sisters did a big exchange and one of the mini missionaries, Sister Hushul, came here for a couple days to be with Sister Movsisyan. She is from Chernivtsi. Anyways, while we were talking to her she said that Serjik is a lot like Belarussian. So one could say that they speak Belarussian here in Bila Tserkva. Weird.

Anyways, I hope you are having a good week! Love you!
Elder Zach McEntire

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