Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Time in Bila 3/14/2011

Pass Along Card

River in the middle of Bila Tserkva

Bila Tserkva
 So, yeah, I withdrew 75 dollars. which is 600 hryven. I saw some nice things in the rinok(market) that were super cheap that I wanted to buy. I got a few ties which were 25 hryven (3 dollars) a tie. I got three of them and then I got this really nice belt for 25 hryven as well(3 dollars). I then got a much needed side bag because the backpack I have is way to big, bulky, and obnoxious for everyday travel. It was originally 80 hryven, but I talked the lady down to 70 hryven(9 dollars). So yeah, I still have about 450 hryven stashed away and I will keep it safe until I see something else that catches my eye. I made a souvenir list, so I would only buy the things I actually want. 

  Oh, yeah, I just heard about the tsunami that hit Japan. Yesterday when we met up with Pasha, the first counselor in the Branch Presidency and Branch Mission Leader, to go visit less active members like we always do every Sunday, he showed us a clip of the tsunami from "You Tube".  It was crazy looking. I thought I was watching a movie at first. It's interesting that you compared it to the early chapters of 3rd Nephi because that's what I read yesterday for personal study before I heard about the tsunami. 
So anyways, this week has been really good for Elder Carnes and me. Other than finding really good deals for nice clothes on the markets, we hit all our goals this week, except for member present lessons. We fell one lesson short of hitting our goals. This is the best week we've had so far! Elder Carnes said that this is the best week he has ever had in Bila Tserkva. We found three new investigators this week! Which was definitely a miracle because we were starting to think that we wouldn't find any one new to teach this week. One was from tracting(knocking on doors).  We planned to do some stop bys but we couldn't find the guy's apartment that we planned to stop by, so we just decided to tract the apartment complex while we were in it and then go outside and continue our search for stop bys. The complex was about 50 apartments, maybe more, and everyone was slamming the door in our faces.  We got down to the second to last floor and a lady let us in.  She looked at us a little weird when Elder Carnes told her we had a book and a message about Jesus Christ. She was like "Yeah, that's cool, so...?"  We told her we wanted to share it with her and she was like "Oh! Of course! Come in!"  She made us a bunch of food and gave us jam and tomatoes to take home. She asked for a Book of Mormon and invited herself to church before we started teaching her anything! We only got about half way through the first lesson, but she gave us her phone number and was eager for us to return and tell her more. That was definitely a miracle. This transfer we have tracted upwards of 300 doors and have found nothing from it. And now we have finally found someone from tracting! And then the next day, we had a meeting planned with Sasha, recent convert, and he brought two more of his friends! They wanted to meet again and talk more about our message. I'm not sure what has been happening, cause my first week here was nothing but tracting and street contacting and we didn't get anything out of it, not even a phone number. We just kept working hard and our hard work is starting to pay off. I'm really grateful for opportunities like this when I really see the Lord's hand in this work.

I'm definitely grateful that I chose to go on a mission and to be here in Ukraine. I had a dream a couple of nights ago.  It was kinda like a "What would happen if I didn't go on a mission or if I came home early?" type dream. It was basically just me sitting in the office browsing facebook and listening to music like I would always do when I'm super bored. In my dream I saw the days go by. People changed, got married, and did things with their lives and I was still stuck on the computer watching it all happen and watching life pass me before my eyes. It was frustrating, but when I awoke to find that I was still in my apartment in Bila Tserkva, I was relieved. I really feel like I'm doing something with my life by being out here. The lady that we tracted into, Tanya, said that we were an inspiration and that there are tons of people that need this message. So I'm definitely glad I'm here, where I should be.  I do miss home, but I love love love it here. I hope everything is well at home cause everything is great here.
Love you!
Elder McEntire

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