Monday, September 6, 2010

The church is true, see ya in two...

Well, I'm leaving this Wednesday for my Mission. So this will be my first and only post on this blog. After I leave, I will dump it on my family. I just wanna share a few feelings and thoughts in this post. What's gonna happen is that I will be set apart tomorrow and report for the mtc(missionary training center) on Wednesday at 1:15. Then I will go through training on teaching, the language, and the customs of Ukraine. I am definitely excited for whats gonna unfold for these next two years. People have come up to me this past weeks and have told me, "Oh, you're gonna change lives and change the world out there!" I have given some thought on this, and whether or not I will change lives will be up to God. So whatever happens and whatever experience I go through I will take with me for the rest of my life. So, here I stand, ready to welcome whatever I will face in Ukraine with open arms, unafraid and with faith. I encourage whomever may read this to do the same in your daily challenges and struggles. Welcome them and have faith that you will get through and be taken care of.
I can't promise you I will change lives or the world, but I will promise you that I will come back a better man and with a stronger testimony. Oh, and I will try oh so hard not to be awkward when I come home haha.
Anyways, my family will keep you posted on this blog with pictures, videos, letters, and anything else. The Church is true, and I'll see ya in two...


  1. Best of luck on your mission Elder McEntire. You're an awesome kid and I admire you for your faith and willingness to head into the great unknown unafriad.

    I want a really cool Ukranian quote/saying-- anything you like. You can post it on here, I'm following you so it will update me when you post.

    Best of luck! Force be with you!


  2. thanks, Jordan. That means alot to me, really. Here's some of my favorite quotes that have got me by:
    "Everyday you wake up you change the world." - Switchfoot
    "You have to crash and burn multiple times before you succeed." - Travis Pastrana
    "...Be not afraid, only believe." - Mark 5:36
    And the only ukrainian saying that I know of is Dolce Vita(Dol-seh Vi-ta) I believe it means "livin the good life"