Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MTC Week 5 (10/12/2010)

Zach and Elder Scovil (His parents and friends sent him packages of food that kept the zone well fed)

Ukrainian Name Tag!

Zach and Elder Saltmarsh

Zach and Elder Reeder (a friend from Utah State)

Zach and Elder Bahr

MTC Week #5 (letter dated 10/12/2010):
Alright, so I'll start off with this sweet dream I had in Ukrainian a couple nights ago. It goes like this: I was in Ukraine and I was in the line for a restroom. The guy in front of me turned around and said "чи вам допобається пиріг?" (do you like pie?) and I answered "так я люблю пиріг" (yes I love pie) and he asked me "чи вам допобається моррозиво?" (Do you like ice cream?) And I answered "так я люблю морозиво" ( Yes I love ice cream) And then he told me "пиріг і морозиво важливий" ( Pie and ice cream are important) That's when I asked him " чи ви знаєте що важливий також?" ( Do you know what else is important?) Then I pulled out a Book of Mormon and said "книга мормона!" Which means Book of Mormon. Sweet huh? That's the second dream in Ukrainian I've had so far while being here in the MTC. The other one was about me testifying about the Book of Mormon in Ukrainian to random people on the street. You're probably wondering how I typed in Ukrainian, well there's a program on this computer that allows you to switch which language you type in. During this week I wondered how to put all of your names in Ukrainian. Side note, I wondered this because I got my new Ukrainian name tags that have my last name in Ukrainian. So here it is: Bryan -- брайєн Darla - дарла Jay - джай Anna - анна Erin - ерін Cam - кам Tyler - тайлер Paxton - пакстон and Chelsea - челсі. So there you go. What else is new.. well the older Russian district in my zone left today. Some went to Novasebiiersk Russia, Eyakertaburg, Russia, Moscow, Russia, and Donetsk, Ukraine. It was sad saying goodbye but I know they will all be great missionaries. In a week or two a new district will come in, which means we will be the senior district. Crazy. I almost at the half way point. As for the language, I learned how to talk about food, more grammar principles, how to tell time, and we are teaching the first lesson in Ukrainian tomorrow. I'm excited but nervous. There is this crazy Ukrainian lady, Natalia, who comes to the TRC every week and I have a feeling that me and my companion will be teaching her this week. She has a reputation for making missionaries cry... yeah. She is just really harsh with her criticism and her vocabulary is way over all the missionaries heads. Which, thinking about it, might be good because I won't have to respond to her because I won't have any idea what she is saying. So I remembered that I promised you pictures last week. I will send them this week. promise. I love you all!

Elder McEntire

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